Parish Events

Altar Society Meetings

September to May-Second
Wednesday @ 6 pm

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Lent-Stations of the Cross
Friday @ 6:30 pm

General Cleaning of Church

General Cleaning of Hall

First Communion: May 6
Covered Dish Supper after

Covered dish dinner after


Covered Dish Dinners

Garage/Food Sale
Saturday August 5

Christmas Dinner-December
after Mass @ 5 pm
CCD Xmas program

Decorate Church for Christmas

CCD Classes start -Sept. 10
Every Sunday Evening on or
grades First through eighth

High School CCD begins on

Reception in Parish Hall for
Kenneth and Ruth Walker on
7/29 from 2-4 pm in honor of
their 60th anniversary

Altar Society Meetings

September to May
No set schedule

Coffee and Donuts after Mass  on
the First Sunday of the Month

Lent-Station of the Cross
Thursday @ 6:30 pm

First Communion- : None
Reception after Mass

Confirmation Retreat:

May 7 Brunch after Mass


Covered Dish Dinners

Christmas Brunch-Dec 4
After Mass in Parish Hall

Decorate Church for Christmas
after Mass on

CCD Classes start  after Mass
on Sept 10

Altar Society Meetings

October to May on the
First Wednesday of each month
at 7 p.m.

Choir Practice
Every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

Day of Prayer and Penance for
anniversary of Roe vs Wade-
Jan  22 @ 7

Lent-Stations of the Cross
Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Lent study Class after Mass on Tues
Carolyn instructor

General Cleaning of Church
April 10th

Divine Mercy Devotion :
April 23 @ 2:45 pm

Cleaning of Hall and Rectory

First Communion:
Reception to follow

Confirmation :

May Crowning
: May 7

Graduation Reception-May 7

Corpus Christ Procession June18

Annual Barbecue
:at Hall
June 25

CCD Classes Sunday @ 9:30 am
on Sept 10

Life Chain-
Highway 75 at corner of 2nd and McGee
Street from 2-3 pm on
Oct  1

Living Rosary
: October 8

Priesthood Sunday- October 29
Covered Dish dinner after Mass

Christmas Dinner-December , after
Mass in the parish hall.

Decorate Church for Christmas

Remove Christmas Decorations
January 9 @ 5:30 pm

Fund Raiser-Church

World Marriage Day,

Advent Class-Nov 28- 7-8 pm
First Communicants  May 6,-2017
Ava Denton
Maggie Denton
Joshua Landers
Sarah Patteson
Isaac Patteson
Joshua Patteson

Sam Freisberg
Graduation 2017
Haley  Williams
First Communicants-Sedan-
Confirmation- 2017
First Communicants-2017
Graduates: Moline-2017
Angela Perkins
Knights of Columbus
Breakfast and Meeting on Sunday, November 19, in Moline